A few years ago, over the proverbial cup of coffee, a young engineer and a fresh MBA graduate, with a passion for exploring knowledge came together and discussed their vision for a venture which would deliver knowledge solutions which were unique and comprehensive, and Gyaanspace was born.

Its been an amazing journey so far, through quizzes, Knowledge Management programmes, Science & Technology workshops, publications and gamification solutions. We are loving every moment of this ride and look forward to keep exploring new horizons of knowledge.

We are Gyaanspace and we create, we engage and we ignite.

Over the years we have catered to some of the best brands in the world
Check the pictures from some of our Events.

We love what we do, and here are some more reasons to work with us

Diversified Knowledge Solutions

We offer our clients the complete portfolio of knowledge services from interactive educational programmes to employee engagement to live events such as quizzes, spell bees & multiple intelligence based competitions.

Cross-sector Experience

We have conducted events & workshops for clients spread across various industries and have been able to cater to the unique needs of each. From FMCG to Media giants to Schools & Engineering colleges our client portfolio features all.

Unique Knowledge Properties

In a very short space of time, we have been able to develop and nurture prominent knowledge properties across a variety of subjects, which are not only unique in terms of its content and presentation, but also use tools previously unexplored in similar programmes.

National & International Exposure

We have conducted events all over India including tier II & III cities, and also internationally in USA and Kenya. We have also conducted events in several regional languages and have been able to engage with the local audience.

Young & Dynamic Core Team

Our core team is comprised of young and energetic knowledge professionals who in their brief careers have been an active part of various forms of media & communication- print, television, film, theatre and live events.

Theme Based Content

We don’t just ask a question, we tell a story. The flow of many our events is designed to explore themes which blend in beautifully with the client’s brand image. Heritage themes such as the Mahabharata, used in the Cycle Heritage Quiz is a classic example.

Experienced Research Team

We pool the expertise of professionals who have been involved in the knowledge & content development space for a number of years. Some of the most successful quizzers in the country are part of the Gyaanspace research team.

Quality Content Editing Team

We have tie ups with editors and contributors who have been published in several prominent literary journals such as ‘Out of Print’ and have been faculty members of the Bangalore Writer’s Workshop

Employee Engagement programmes

We build knowledge repositories for clients on current happenings in their industry & interesting facts about their company. We also seek to build synergy amongst employees through workshops, team building events and online events conducted through Google Hangout bringing people from various locations together on a single platform.


We have a rich experience of conducting & developing quizzes for several clients. With invigorating, informative content & innovative rounds, quizzes not only serve as an excellent branding tool amongst the peers in the industry and in educational institutes, but can also help in engaging the company’s own employees.

Gamification Solutions

We design gamification solutions for a variety of needs ranging from reaching out to a client’s customer base to engaging its own employees. Gamifications turns boring processes into fun and intense learning experiences.

Content Development for Television Events

We have extensive experience in developing content for a variety of television events, including quizzes, spell bees and other game related events. Our associates have been involved with prominent events such as Kaun Banega Crorepati and India Spells 2013.


ACTIV stands for Agility , Creativity , Tenacity, Ingenuity , Versatility. Our program aims to bring out these traits in the students, through a truly interactive medium. The programme promises to be one which would engage the child and would aim to ignite interest in the child, in his curriculum and also increase his/her overall knowledge base.


This unique programme, seeks to inspire students to extend the boundaries of their ability and display qualities ‘Beyond IQ’ . It would work on the concept of multiple intelligence- which focuses on various aspects of a person’s aptitude, musical–rhythmic, visual–spatial, verbal–linguistic, logical–mathematical, bodily–kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic.


This seeks to create a knowledge sharing & quizzing community within institutions. It would include mentorship programme for students & teachers, creation of online knowledge repositories and knowledge publications.


With our vast experience in conducting school quizzes, we can deliver events both inter-school and intra-school which are engaging, informative & fun for students, teachers and parents alike.

3C’s - Career, Campus & Co-ordination

A 3 week long program on the 3C’s most relevant to the youth of today- career development, communication skill and current affairs. From workshops to mock interviews, this programme would go a long way to prepare the students for the challenge of the placement season.


This is a knowledge development programme for colleges. It involves formation of groups in the institution to discuss on general knowledge & business awareness, co-ordination of knowledge sharing sessions and development of an online knowledge bank.


The quest for the most unique business mind on campus. An event for colleges which incorporates Stephen Covey’s ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ to endeavour to find the most unique and effective business thinker on campus. This would test a student’s business awareness, use of language & vocabulary, confidence in speech and handling questions, group dynamics, listening skills, problem solving abilities and lateral thinking.


We have conducted quizzes for several prominent institutes such as IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur & Jadavpur University, both inter- college as well as internal. Quizzing is a prominent fixture in any college calendar and our events have been extremely well received by all.



Quizmaster, thespian and a true Knowledge Explorer. He has hosted several major events including the Cycle Heritage Quiz, the Rotary Quiz Night, the Starmark Open Sports Quiz, Vinculum @IIT Kharagpur and many more.

Where to find us

We are based at Old madras road, Bangalore and cater to the world